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Fáilte (Welcome) to the factual Home of ...Ireland's Culture & Heritage
Teach Tábhairne Fógra Monthly Enewsletters, Articles of Interest and Featured Articles

In the 21st century, a new dynamic had begun to take hold with weekly and monthly print newspapers around the country declining in numbers and disappearing off the map. Unread papers in a "sustainable" world, simply were no longer fashionable. The time was ripe for a new media (eNewsletters), one that could help educate and bring to light the ancient Culture and Heritage of Ireland.

Teach Tábhairne Fógra's Irish cultural message began locally, soon spread nationally and then internationally. It joined the new media in late 2009. With a reported 80 Million Irish descendents worldwide - it stands to reason that over time many members of the Irish Global Diaspora would lose the knowledge of ancient Ireland, their Irish language ... and in many instances even the knowledge of the county from where their ancestor emigrated.

The Editor, himself, is a dual citizen of both the United States of America and the Republic of Ireland. As a past board member of both Irish Network Colorado and the Colorado Irish Festival - he has met over the years many Irish-Americans who are seeking answers about their heritage. Centuries of disinformation about Irish Heritage & Culture, continue to be spread by those who simply fail to take the time to do the research and get to the real facts. Our mission is to educate and share lost knowledge so that every person that seeks the truth of ancient and modern Ireland, will hopefully find the answers here.

What follows are past Monthly Enewsletter editions, Articles of Interest, and Featured Articles that cover a variety of Irish Culture and Heritage subjects. As an Irish-American, native-born Irish emigrant, or even simply just a Friend of Ireland - if you want to know about the Irish Culture and Heritage, then you have come to the right place.

Fáilte - Welcome
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Your journey through Ancient and Modern Ireland begins this day ...

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