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Newly Released Witness Testimonies
Bureau of Military History
Ireland 1913 - 1921
(September 2012)

In Search Of Your Ancestors
From Irish Surnames
To Townlands
Male ~ Y-DNA Lineage
(June 2013)

Irish National Heritage Park
Near Wexford, Co. Wexford
(August 2012)

Release of the 1901 Census of Ireland
Including Ireland's 19th Century
Population Numbers
(July 2010)

High Crosses of Ireland and Scotland
(September 2010)

The Irish Brigade in the American Civil War
(September 2010)

Thomas Francis Meagher
Ireland Born -
American War Hero
(October 2010)

USA 1847 Relief Effort during the
Great Hunger in Ireland and Scotland
(November 2010)

Jack Donovan - Ireland Born
U.S. Cavalry Scout - Sept. 1868
(January 2011)

The Irish in the American Revolution
Ireland Born - American War Hero
Commodore John Barry
(July 2011)

Garden Of Remembrance
Dublin, Ireland
1798~1848~1867~1916~1919 to 1921
(May 2011)

Carraig an Aifreann
Ireland's "Mass Rocks"
Nearly 300 Years of Penal Laws
Against Irish Catholics
(June 2014)

Michael Corcoran
Ireland Born
American War Hero
(September 2010)

Great Seal of Saorstát Éireann
Irish Free State - 1926 Census
(February 2011)

Linn Duachaill Longphort, Co. Louth
Long Lost & Recently Discovered
Viking Fortress and Ship Repair
(January 2011)

Maureen O'Hara
Ireland Born - American Film Actress
(November 2010)

"Treaty Exhibition" - Anglo-Irish Treaty
6 December 1921 - Reflections
(January 2012)

"New" Spanish Armada Shipwreck
Recently Discovered; Co. Donegal
(September 2011)

The Story of St. Patrick
with excerpts from "Confessio"
(March 2012)

Duffy's Cut, Malvern PA.
Mass Gravesite - Irish Immigrants
(April 2012)

John Ford Ireland
Inaugural Film Symposium
(May 2012)

Changing Cultures and the
Peopling of Ireland
(October 2012)

"Operation Sealion" - Hitler's Plan for the
Invasion of Ireland in WWII
(October 2012)

Oats - Superfood of
Early Ireland
(November 2012)
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